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card, the former white house chief of staff under president george w. bush who unfortunately found himself in a similar situation on 9/11 of 2001 when this nation came under the the last domestic terror attack that took civilian lives and that was a tragic event that changed the nation. andy, i want to ask you first, your thoughts generally on now -- we've seen attempts, we've seen many attempts to try to take civilian lives on american soil and this is the first one that has succeeded. >> we've prayed that we would not have attacks aimed to create indiscriminate murder or mayhem or maiming and this has happened. this is a very sad day for america, but it's also a day where we have a lot of work to do and the white house, i'm sure, is focusing first on making sure that the victims are well cared for. the second thing is they have to make sure that all is being done to cooperate so that we understand what did happen, but the paramount concern at the white house, i think, should be be to make sure there's no other attacks, to prevent the next attack. and so they've got to do all of t
of george w. bush. authorities nabbed him. investigators say they will use this trip wire system as they look at information from retailers and suppliers around the country who may have encountered someone making recent suspicious large purchases. we'll keep following this one and see what they come up with. >>steve: thank you very much, heather. there's going to be extra security around the country, including here in new york city. 1,000 extra officers patrolling major landmarks here in new york city, including the new york stock exchange. cheryl caseone is outside the fox -- rather, she's with the fox business network. she's outside the stock exchange. cheryl. >> good morning. since 2001 september there have been 16 known terror plots against the city of new york. once again this morning new yorkers are waking up on high alert. mayor bloomberg coming out yesterday talking to new yorkers and saying while there is no known threat against the city right now, he is sending out 1,000 counterterrorism officers throughout the city today. major landmarks, strategic locations like the n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2